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Nellie Grace and puppy

Welcome to Deep River Cattle Company, a family farm located on 207 acres on the Deep River in Moore County, North Carolina. We are located in the old township of Glendon at a farm that has been a family farm for over 50 years. Our family is devoted to providing lean, healthy, 100% grass fed beef directly to consumers. No steroids, no-growth-hormones, no animal by-products; no corn or grain, just healthy natural grass; no cloned animals or other genetic engineering.

We have a simple philosophy; healthy cows provide healthy meat. We have carefully selected cows that finish well on grass, and that thrive in the climate in Moore County, North Carolina. To have healthy cows you most of all need healthy, lush pastures. The grass is the key. Our riverside pastures are some of the best producing pastures in the state of North Carolina, as they have been lovingly and properly maintained by families for decades. Our beef is leaner and significantly healthier than cows confined in muddy feedlots and crowded barns. Our cows live year around on pasture, which is how God created them to live and eat. Because of being pasture raised, this nearly eliminates the chance of e-coli problems or mad cow disease.

WindmillWhen you buy from us, you buy from a family committed to engaging in environmentally friendly farm practices, as it is our desire for our farm to stay in our family for generations, and to raise animals in a way that provides nutritionally superior beef that cannot be matched by feedlot beef (See Health Benefits of Grassfed beef and our favorite grassfed websites for more information on the superiority of grassfed beef.) When you buy from us, you can see exactly who raised your beef, where they were raised, how they were raised, and how, when, and where they were butchered. There are no secrets. To see more pictures of our family farm, please go to the farm pictures section.

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" . . . And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth HIS fruit in HIS season . . ."
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